January 18, 2017 / David Paragamian

Serving in a Leadership Role

I've been thinking about the phrase "to serve in a leadership capacity" lately. Maybe it's just the holiday season, when we naturally think about service to others, but I have been reflecting on what it means as a leader of a team, a functional area, a business unit, or an entire company to serve as a leader. The operative word for me is: serve.

We have all seen the downsides of someone who doesn't handle the leadership position well. Just open the newspaper on any given day to see stories of coaches or administrators who have looked the other way and tolerated the bad behavior of a troubled star, or a business person or political figure who has taken unfair advantage of his/her position to enrich themselves at the expense of the people they swore to protect and serve. Not examples of servant leadership.

Being put in a position to lead —whether a small work group or an entire company—is about responsibility to others. It's about putting THEIR needs before your own. It's about understanding that if you focus on their development, their training, the things they need to excel then everyone truly wins.

I consider myself very fortunate that at Publicis Health, we devote great time and effort to understanding the needs of our people— through ongoing employee engagement surveys; regular talent assessment and career planning workshops; and an industry leading skills training program to help everyone become the best manager they can be. For me, leadership is about service. When we do that right, empowering and uplifting our people, we all grow and we all win. Together.

David Paragamian / Managing Director

With over 25 years of experience in healthcare communications and marketing both on the client and agency side of the business, David is also an adjunct faculty member at the Erivan Haub Graduate School of Business at St. Joseph’s University where he teaches brand management. David is a published author and speaker on the subject of branding.