November 1, 2016 / Keri Hettel

Do You See The Data?

I’m immersed all day every day in data.

It’s literally my job to figure out how to identify what data would be most useful to our clients, how to go about collecting/storing/analyzing that data, and ultimately, how to communicate the value of the data in driving smarter decision.

Recently I gave a talk on how to use data to find a man. No really, I did. Online dating can be thought of as a data-driven approach to dating (or dat(a)ing, if you will). The challenge with online dating (one challenge at least), is sifting through and focusing on the right data points provided to you through the tool and in your dating experiences. If you more clearly define what is most important to you in a long term relationship and put effort into collecting and sharing information in these areas, you may find yourself a more successful online dater.

So this got me thinking – I see data everywhere in my world, do others see this as well? Have you ever used the “you might also like” product option on Amazon? Do you fitbit/apple watch/fitness pal? Do you play Fantasy Football (tis the season)?

Data really is everywhere. It has a huge impact on all of our everyday lives, not just when we have our marketer hats on. Whether in our everyday lives or our marketer lives, if we harness the data in the right way we can ratchet up the impact. At Razorfish Health using data in the right way means prioritizing what data is important, collecting the right information based on those findings, and ensuring that data is used to inform every decision we make on behalf of our clients.

Where do you see your data?

Keri Hettel / SVP

With nearly 15 years of analytical experience and 10 years in digital healthcare marketing analytics, Keri leads the analytics vision of intelligence-driven design and development providing data solutions, measurement programs, and advanced analytics techniques to help inform and optimize business decisions throughout each client engagement.